How Can a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Make it Easier to Watch TV?

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How Can a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Make it Easier to Watch TV?

3 September 2019
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If you're about to replace an old hearing aid, then your clinic may have talked to you about upgrading to a model that uses newer technology. For example, they may have recommended that you look at hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity.

Your hearing aid advisor may have also mentioned that this kind of aid has some useful features, including the ability to better manage how you watch TV. How does this work and what are the advantages?

How Bluetooth Hearing Aids Link to TVs

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, then you should be able to connect the aid to a TV. Depending on the type of hearing aid you use, you can either do this wirelessly via streaming or via an assistive listening device that connects the TV and your hearing aids.

The Bluetooth connection sends sound from the TV directly int29o your hearing aids. It puts the TV's audio straight into your ears rather than leaving it as an external environmental noise that you have to process.

How Does a Bluetooth-Enabled Hearing Aid Enhance TV Watching?

You'll typically find that the sound on TV programmes is clearer and less distorted if it is streamed straight to your hearing aids. You won't have to struggle to hear sound in the room. Other noises, such as people talking or traffic outside, won't affect how you hear the TV as much.

This may enhance your general TV watching experience. It may also make things better for other people.

For example, say you live in an apartment and sometimes need to have the TV volume turned up high to hear it even though you wear hearing aids. If the TV is loud enough, you could disturb your neighbours.

Your hearing aids may also make TV watching as a family more pleasurable. The volume level you need to hear some TV shows may be too high for the rest of your family, and the level they're comfortable with may be too low for you. Although streaming audio from the TV to your hearing aids may mean that the TV itself does not play the sound for the rest of the family, wearing your hearing aids will allow you to better hear what's going on without needing the volume increased to uncomfortable levels for everyone else.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth have other benefits over and above watching TV. For example, they could also make it easier to use a phone or to listen to music. To find out more about these benefits, talk to your hearing aid clinic.