Myths and Misconceptions About Back Pain

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Myths and Misconceptions About Back Pain

25 July 2023
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Back pain is an ailment that affects a significant proportion of the population. It varies in terms of severity and may range from a slight annoyance to paralysing discomfort. Some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding back pain can hinder your recovery, furthering the importance of learning more about them. Here are the common myths and misconceptions about back pain.

Always Rest Until the Pain Disappears

Resting until your pain disappears might feel intuitive. A lot of the time, excessive rest results in joint stiffness and muscle atrophy. Unless a medical professional advises you to do so, don't commit yourself to continuous rest. Instead, try a gentle exercise such as walking.

You're Going to Need Surgery

The majority of back pain doesn't warrant surgery, so don't worry that you're heading for the operating table. Many cases resolve on their own, and a lot benefit from physiotherapy. Some people need interventions such as medication, but it's unlikely you'll need surgery.

Spinal Alignment is Often the Issue

Spinal alignment can account for some back pain cases. However, it isn't the main cause. Muscle strains, lifestyle factors, and herniated discs are among the leading causes of a bad back. An assessment with an appropriate professional can help you learn more about what's causing your problems.

Pain Intensity Directly Relates to Levels of Damage

Experiencing moderate to severe pain isn't necessarily an indicator of how bad your injury or problem is. Conversely, a minor level of pain can sometimes arise from more significant issues. For example, muscular strains may feel severe and slipped discs might cause minor twinges. Overall, pain forms a small part of a much bigger picture, so do consider a check-up with your doctor if your back is worrying you.

Only Heavy Lifting Causes Back Pain

It's true that repeatedly lifting heavy items can cause pain. Other causes exist for a bad back, though. Having a poor posture at work, not exercising enough, injuries and obesity also make significant contributions. Knowing what the cause of your back pain is rather than making an assumption is the best way to find a useable treatment.

Only Older People Get Back Pain

Although you're more likely to experience the pain that comes with wear and tear as you age, this isn't a condition that's unique to the elderly. In fact, you can encounter it at any age. If you have certain risk factors or you injure yourself, back discomfort can become a problem for you too.

Understanding the truths behind these myths and misconceptions can help you find a solution to your pain. If your back pain becomes persistent, make an appointment with a doctor or physiotherapist.