Commonly Ignored Symptoms That Require Optometrist Examination

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Commonly Ignored Symptoms That Require Optometrist Examination

27 March 2019
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There is no denying the fact that old age brings with it eyesight issues. Such an eventuality, however, doesn't mean that people should neglect taking care of their eyes. Seeing an optometrist whenever something appears off is advisable. Unfortunately, most people wait until it is too late, and a simple eye issue turns to a complicated medical problem. It can be attributed to the fact that some symptoms are considered normal by most people, which only leads to deterioration of the eye's health. If you experience the signs highlighted in this article, then you see an optometrist immediately.


The eye is mostly filled with a gel-like substance that gives it its shape. Over time, the gel begins to shrink, and in the process forms strings in the eye's cavity called floaters. Since these strands are made from the gel-like substance, they are not a danger to the eye. Most people, therefore, end up ignoring floaters in the eye. The sad news is that a retinal tear can have the same effect that floaters have on eyesight. Blood from a retinal tear can find its way into the vitreous cavity and block the retina's path, thereby appearing like floaters. Therefore, when you notice floater-like symptoms in your eyesight, then it is best to seek the services of an optometrist.

Painful Red Eyes

It is another common eye symptom that often goes ignored by most people. It might be because the eye is generally a sensitive area, and mild irritation causes redness; for instance, conjunctivitis is often associated with itching and pink eye. Most people that develop a pink or red eye will, therefore, treat it with conjunctivitis medication. Little attention is given to other symptoms, such as pain and decreased vision, which could all point to more severe issues. Therefore, every time you have a red eye accompanied by pain and reduced vision, it is best to see an optometrist. An optometrist should determine whether you are suffering from mild conjunctivitis or the early stages of glaucoma.

Cloudy Vision

When you start experiencing cloudy vision, it feels like looking through a dirty windshield. Notably, it should concern and prompt you to make an appointment with your optometrist. Dark vision is a symptom of developing cataracts, and although they grow slowly, cataracts can have an immediate effect, such as fading colours. It is easy to ignore cloudy vision in the early stages because if you rub your eyes, the cloudiness disappears but reappears a few days later. In such cases, call your optometrist to determine if it is the onset of cataracts. They can prescribe an early management program.