Baby Got Bank: How to Keep Your Finances on Track During Pregnancy

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Baby Got Bank: How to Keep Your Finances on Track During Pregnancy

12 November 2018
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Pregnancy is a thrilling time for any parent-to-be. There's nothing that can prepare you for the warmth and excitement of following your baby's progress and development and waiting for that special day when you'll finally meet one another. However, there are some things you can prepare for — and your finances are one of them. New babies are notoriously expensive, and pregnancy can be a pricey process too. If you're concerned about making this transition, then here are some tips to decrease your chances of a bumpy landing.

Healthy Baby, Health Wallet

It goes without saying that you and your baby's health should be your priority — but some people may understandably find it difficult to afford access to all the various medical experts and appointments that they need to attend throughout their pregnancy. Rather than stressing about affording individual appointments, ensuring that you're registered with a bulk-billing medical centre will allow you to keep track of your expenses without being forced to cough up cash upfront when times are tough. There is no fuss and no need to compromise on what's most important. This will also be useful once your baby is born. Knowing that you'll be able to take your baby for any necessary medical visits without having to worry about the cost will give you great peace of mind.

The Write Stuff

Any time you think of something you might need for your pregnancy or your new baby, don't purchase it right away. Make a note of it in a dedicated list, which can keep track of all manner of things — be it vitamins to ensure the best possible pregnancy or equipment for welcoming your new child. Then, when you're in the mood to browse for baby, you'll have a handy checklist to refer to, and you'll be able to shop around to find the best prices. It may not be as spontaneous or exciting as just picking things up as you think of them, but you definitely don't need twenty different types of newborn outfits on day one. 

Budget Like Baby

Take advantage of your pregnancy to start getting used to your new expenditures. When you shop for groceries, keep a running tab of how much extra you will soon be spending on baby food, hygiene products and the like. This will ensure you're ready when your bundle of joy finally arrives — and not gasping with horror at the weekly shopping bill.

Getting yourself ready for the expense of a baby, and taking these measures to ensure your monetary life is as stress-free as possible, will allow you to prioritise what's really important — your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your child.