Sports Injuries That Can Be Managed Through Physiotherapy

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Sports Injuries That Can Be Managed Through Physiotherapy

28 November 2017
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Some individuals may associate physiotherapy with treatment that is administered after a severe accident that would render one's physical movements impaired. In truth, physiotherapy is designed to assist with a multitude of disorders, be it genetic defects, sports injuries and even the effects of ageing. Therefore, people of any age can opt for this treatment to restore their body's mobility whole also enhancing muscle strength. Whether you are a professional athlete or exercise regularly, you have a likelihood of becoming injured as you engage in strenuous activity. The following are some of the sports injuries that can be managed through physiotherapy.


Ankle sprains are a common occurrence if you engage in activities that require you to jump such as aerobics, basketball, volleyball, skipping and more. When you roll your ankle as you land, it can cause an acute injury that would make it difficult for you to put any pressure on the affected foot. As a result, you would have mild disability coupled with swelling, inflammation and possible bruising.

Physiotherapy can help in restoring your ankle's range of motion. Moreover, routine physiotherapy sessions can also work to improve your balance and enhance your coordination, which would minimise the risk of you acquiring the same injury in future. One thing to note is making sure you have a medical professional diagnose whether it is indeed a sprained ankle that you have and not a fractured bone.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder injuries tend to be commonplace with people that play golf, volleyball and other sports that would require them to overuse their shoulder. If the tendons are not properly warmed up or if they have started to lose their flexibility, you become at risk of tearing them. Physiotherapy would be prudent to restore the mobility of this joint and prevent other parts of your body, such as your scapula, from becoming affected by the injury. 

Patella tendinopathy

This injury is commonly known as jumpers knee, and as the name suggests it is also frequent in people who engage in exercises that would require an excessive amount of jumping. As you age, your tendons start to lose their flexibility. Subsequently, you become vulnerable to straining these ligaments, particularly as they bear the weight of your body when you land on the ground after jumping. The primary symptom of this disorder is an extreme pain in your knee and inability to stretch out your leg wholly due to this discomfort. Physiotherapy can help with rehabilitating the injured tendon and making it more flexible than it was. You may also be required to wear a supportive brace during the healing period to prevent further stress on the tendon.