Two tips for living with arthritis

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Two tips for living with arthritis

13 October 2017
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Arthritis is a disease which can cause a person's joints to become inflamed and painful. This is a progressive disease for which there is currently no cure. However, there are steps that sufferers can take to reduce their pain and minimise the impact that this condition has on their mobility levels and daily activities. Read on to find out what these steps are.

Establish a consistent exercise routine

Gentle daily exercise is one of the most effective ways to combat the symptoms of arthritis. Physical activity benefits sufferers of this disease in several ways.

Firstly, it encourages the production and circulation of synovial fluid, the lubricant which surrounds every joint in the body. The circulation of this liquid prevents moving bones from rubbing against one another; this, in turn, prevents these bones from being worn down by friction.

Secondly, it can help a person to maintain a healthy weight. This is particularly important, as the pressure that excess body weight places on inflamed, arthritic joints can lead to extreme pain.

Thirdly, regular exercise can help individuals who are suffering from arthritis to maintain a good range of motion; this plays a crucial role in a person's mobility levels.

It is important for those who have this condition to engage in the right forms of exercise. Activities which place a lot of pressure on the joints, like running, should be avoided. Instead, sufferers should opt for things like swimming, pilates and cycling, as these types of exercise place very little strain on the hips, knees and other joints.

Invest in some daily living aids

One of the biggest worries many people have when they are first diagnosed with arthritis is whether the condition will affect their ability to live independently. The pain, inflammation and loss of flexibility that arthritis causes can make everyday tasks, such as bathing, preparing meals and getting dressed a lot more difficult.

Fortunately, by purchasing a few daily living aids, most sufferers can continue to take care of their own basic needs, without having to move into a care facility or hire a nurse to provide home help.

Things such as a chair and a handrail in a shower cubicle, along with an extendable bathing sponge stick, can make it far easier for someone with arthritis to maintain good personal hygiene and avoid injuring themselves whilst they bathe.

Likewise, something as simple as a double-handled, strong-grip mug can enable sufferers to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee, without running the risk of losing their grip and spilling and scalding themselves with the hot liquid.