A Couple of Tips to Dealing With Cystic Acne

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A Couple of Tips to Dealing With Cystic Acne

13 October 2017
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One of the extreme forms of acne that you could develop is cystic acne. This condition is characterised by the development of painful nodules that grow below the skin. Unlike conventional acne that simply alters your appearance, cystic acne is quite painful and can significantly decrease your quality of lie. This form of acne occurs when oil, dead skin and other matter collects in your hair follicles, which subsequently causes severe blockage of your pores.

Although cystic acne is associated with puberty, it does have an uncanny ability to persist in your adult life too. Additionally, women have the propensity of developing this form of acne during their menstrual cycle due to the hormonal imbalance in their bodies. The following is an overview that can help you in dealing with cystic acne.

Do not pop the pimples

Pimple popping is something some people will engage in under the assumption that this will decrease the acne. The reality, though, is you could be making the problem much worse than it has to be. The lesions formed by cystic acne occur much deeper in your skin. Thus, popping the pimple will only work to inflame your skin and not address the root of the problem.

In addition to this, by popping the pimple, you leave open wounds that would be at risk of an infection. If the wound is to be infected, chances are the breakout will just spread. Therefore, it is crucial for all patients to leave the pimples alone and let the healing take its course without any interference.

Use ice to soothe your skin

Another measure that some people will take is to slather their skin with numerous products in an attempt to keep the inflammation down. What you may not realise is you are exacerbating the problem by causing further blockage in your pores with the extra product.

If you find that the cystic acne is too painful or if it is causing your severe redness, you should opt for ice packs as a form of relief. The cold from the ice packs will function to constrict your blood vessels. As a result, the cysts causing the acne do not get sufficient nutrition and oxygenation from your blood.

Additionally, the cold also helps to reduce the size of the pimples, which will make them less conspicuous on your face. A dermatologist at a local skin clinic could also prescribe mild medications or non-comedogenic topical creams that can help relieve the discomfort.