What to Consider Before Going for That Teeth Whitening Procedure

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What to Consider Before Going for That Teeth Whitening Procedure

29 September 2017
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Dental discolouration is something that affects a lot of people in the world today. Some are born with a naturally darker shade of teeth while others are affected by activities such as smoking, drinking coffee as well as hard water. Tooth discolouration can also be as a result of an internal injury which causes the inner surface of the teeth to become darker.

Teeth whitening will remove all the stains and leave your teeth whiter and more attractive. Discolored teeth can result in low self-esteem which might even affect the way you associate with others. Here is some fascinating information that might help you when dealing with discoloured teeth.


The teeth whitening procedures carry minimal risks and can be applied to a broad range of patients. However, not everyone can be able to undergo the process. Some patients hold greater risks, and the procedure might lead to dire results for them. Some of the factors which can lead to disqualification include:

Intrinsic Stains – Intrinsic stains on the teeth include white spots, grey discolouration as well as teeth which lose their colour as a result of 'death'. Such people are disqualified from the whitening procedure because the inner layers of their teeth have been affected by the stain conditions. The procedure is usually done on stains which only change the outer enamel. This mostly includes the yellow and brown extrinsic stains.

Front Teeth Restorations or Fabricators – Another group of patients' exempted from the whitening list includes those with dental crowns, porcelain veneers or even dental bonding. Contrary to the natural teeth, such restorative materials do not work with bleaching agents. If such patients decide to whiten their teeth, they will also need to get new restorations which can be costly. Their new fabricators will have to blend with their enhanced teeth colour perfectly.

Worn Enamel or Extreme Tooth Sensitivity – Such patients stand a high risk of elevating their dental conditions if the dental procedure is done on them. Teeth whitening involves the removal of stains from the surface of the enamel. This means that the part of the enamel which has stains will be removed. Such patients have thin enamels which result in the tooth sensitivity. If such a procedure is done on them, then their conditions are bound to escalate leading to more sensitivity and even pain.

When looking to whiten your teeth, it is important to assess each of these factors with your cosmetic dentist before. The dentists will advise you on the best steps to take in case you do not qualify.