Ways to Claim your Medicare after Visiting a Bulk Billing Doctor

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Ways to Claim your Medicare after Visiting a Bulk Billing Doctor

23 September 2017
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At times going to hospital can be quite expensive especially when you do not have the funds ready. Some hospital emergencies can be random and this might lead to a lot of stress especially for the one afflicted. However, thanks to bulk billing, the hustle to get money for hospital services has been reduced. When accessing medical services, one can either accept to be bulk billed or given a patient account which stands for the services offered. Bulk billing doctors are those who bill your Medicare directly while at the same time accepting the Medicare benefit as complete reimbursement for their services. This, therefore, means that you do not need to spend any money from your pockets for the entire service. Bulk billing doctors offer various ways to claim your payment. You, however, may not be aware of all the options available for claiming your Medicare. To sort you out, here are a few options that might come in handy:

  1. At the Doctors Office – This here represents the easiest and fastest step in claiming your Medicare. As long as you have been paying for your bulk-billing, the doctor is required to assist you in claiming your Medicare once your medical requirements have been served. The doctor's office is the simplest way to claim the Medicare as your transaction will be made directly leading to efficiency. Once in a hospital, ask the doctor whether they can do the claiming for you. If it is possible, the doctor through the hospital will send the claim directly through the use of a secure internet connection or their EFTPOS terminal. Once this is done, the claim will be received, processed and paid in full. The processing and payment processes will be done either to the registered bank account or the EFTPOS card used at the hospital.
  2. Express Plus Medicare Mobile App – This innovated mobile application can be applied in cases where the doctor does not offer any electronic claiming services. The application is readily available and all one requires is a myGov account which will link the application. With the application made, the Medicare claim will be accomplished when the account holder has not been bulk billed for the service or when they had the service within the last two years. It can also be claimed if the service is given to someone on your Medicare card.
  3. Email – This can be applied when one cannot claim their Medicare through the doctor or the Express Plus Medicare Mobile App. It is done through completing a Medicare Claim Form which is sent back for approval. However, email claims take longer to be processed making it only applicable when one has the time to wait.